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Early March 2024 Schedule

The Vertex Companies, LLC (VERTEX) is the Owners Project Manager (OPM) for the new Littleton Senior Center project. They will be the liaison between the Town of Littleton and the construction project team. Below is a list of upcoming activities that you can expect to see over the next few weeks.


•        2/26 - Mobilization by Commodore Builders will begin with the deconstruction of portions of the tennis court fencing.

•        2/27-2/28 - Commodore’s site contractor will begin cutting down and removing the pine trees along the driveway at 31 Shattuck Street.

•        3/4 - The site work contractor is scheduled to mobilize and bring their equipment to the site.

•        3/5-3/22 The site work contractor will begin excavation and site preparation activities.


VERTEX will be providing construction lookahead updates to the Town of Littleton throughout the project duration. In the event the schedule changes a notification will be posted.

If you have any issues or concerns please contact Project Managers Michael Bonfatti and Bryan Fors at the emails below:

Michael Bonfatti                    

Project Manager

Bryan Fors                              

Senior Project Manager

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