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Design Review with Department Heads

We recently had a full day of meetings to review the designs of the building with Department Heads and Town Committee representatives. LLB Architects, our Vertex OPM, our Permanent Municipal Building Committee Representative, and Town Administration and Select Board members met with: LELWD, Fire, Police, DPW, LCTV, Maintenance, IT/GIS, Library Trustees, Building Commissioner, Sustainability Com, and Disability Com.

This was a great opportunity to review the designs from every angle imaginable. Some major points of review were parking and the driveway, landscape, electrical service, water and sewer service, fire protection, generators, HVAC, plumbing, security, IT and AV, egresses, and universal access considerations.

We also discussed details such as solar panels, street lights, doors and windows, shades, storage, furniture, and dumpster needs for the kitchen.

Here are some highlights of interest from these meetings:

  • The semi-circular vehicular drop off area is to be eliminated and the is building is to be moved forward. This creates more parking, and less curves to navigate. Wider parking spaces were encouraged!

  • The curb will be eliminated at lower-level parking to match the design of the library. This creates a zero-step entrance, and is more accessible.

  • We will be choosing native and heat resistant, low maintenance plantings for the landscaping.

  • A full building generator is being discussed so that the structure can meet the requirements of a Level 1 Emergency Shelter

  • The decision was made to make the center LCTV Cable TV upload capable

Have suggestions or questions? Let us know!

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